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Marriage Program

The Islamic Center of Tacoma (ICT) offers a Marriage Program for Muslim individuals and couples. The program provides pre-marital counseling, workshops, support groups, and the ability to perform Nikah, the Islamic marriage ceremony. Pre-marital counseling helps couples develop a shared understanding of their values, expectations, and goals for marriage. Workshops and support groups are available for married couples to strengthen their relationship and connect with others in the community.

Nikah, the Islamic marriage ceremony, is performed by an ordained Islamic Scholar at the program. This provides a convenient and reliable way for Muslim couples to get married while ensuring that the ceremony is conducted according to Islamic principles. After the Nikah ceremony, the program offers guidance and support to help couples navigate their married life and build a strong foundation for their relationship.

Overall, the Marriage Program at the Islamic Center of Tacoma is a valuable resource for Muslim individuals and couples seeking guidance and support for their marriage and family life.

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