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                Imam. Dr. Abdul Hakim Mohamed 

Dr. Abdulhakim Ali Mohamed is a fourth generation American of Yemeni descent. He is recognized nationally as a motivational speaker, khateeb and imam. He has served as an imam and khateeb for more than 27 years. He is married and a father of 7 children.

He holds a PHD in Islamic Philosophy and is a graduate of Shariah from the Islamic University of Medina. He also has a B.S in Islamic Studies from Sana'a University in Yemen.  He is one of the founders and the first president of the North American Imams Federation. A lectureron many Satellite TVs including Saudi TV channel, Al-Huda TV, Guide TV, and The National Yemeni Channel. 

Dr. Abdulhakim Ali Mohamed hosted and co-hosted many radio shows (Faith and Issues, Teddy Bart round table show and many more.) He has lectured in many countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and he has lectured throughout North America. He is the former director of Development for the Islamic Medical Association of North America. Currently, he is the CEO/Chairman of the North American Islamic Foundation (NAIF) and the executive director of Islamic Center of Tacoma.

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